Maria Savva has the worst website that we have ever seen. Not much about her and her bio online.

From her horrible looking website we learn that :

Maria was born on 19th March 1970 in North London to Greek Cypriot parents. She studied Law at Middlesex University, and graduated in 1992.

She went on to train at the College of Law and became a Solicitor in 1996. Maria still works as a Solicitor, now specialising in Conveyancing. She currently lives in Hertfordshire.

Maria’s first novel ‘Coincidences’, a story about Alice, a young girl looking for her father, was published in 2001. 

About Maris Savva book : ‘Coincidences’
The people in Alice’s life have never let her down. Her relationship with her mother,  Stephanie, is one of enormous closeness. Her friends and colleagues are loyal, and Andrew, a fellow student, has his eye on Alice which could mean the promise of a blossoming romance.
All is well until she wakes suddenly one night, and, by chance, notices the time on her clock. Then a news report, a chance sighting, and a name that means more to her than she knows, provoke her into trying to find her father.

Roger left home when Alice was two, leaving her an only child, and her mother to cope on her own. Since then, she has heard nothing. All that is about to change as she jeopardises her relationships with her secretive mother and the gorgeous Andrew and begins the hunt for the truth which has been denied her.

With compulsion, sensitivity and authority, Coincidences affirms the importance of true selfknowledge, and the courage needed to find it

Extract from ‘Coincidences’:
‘Alice wished that she had never thought about looking for her father. Her life had been so much easier before. She had opened a door into a world which had been left abandoned for years. There were secrets, dark shadows and uncertainties behind the door. Alice was gripped by fear. She knew she could not go back now. She needed to find out about her father. It had changed from a want to a need. She would have to face her fears.’