Miss the decadent 1990’s club scene? Withdraw no more. Re-live your glory days with Superstar DJs Here We Go! The Incredible Rise of Clubland’s Finest.  This is not your average clubber experience, this is about the people behind the scene. The DJs who became the new rockstars and promoters who became rich from superclubs. But as we all know there is no happy ending and the the comedown is always harsher than the high. It’s more about big money, big spending, and hedonistic excesses. After awhile Dom Philips’ voice begins to burn out, regardless that he was an active member of this scene.  After all isn’t this a story we’ve all heard before?

If your nostaglia turns out to be something of a bummer, then there’s Ten Storey Love Song, by new-comer Richard Milward. Taking a similar vein to his critically acclaimed debut novel, Apples, his new novel returns to the same setting, a block of  council flats in Middlesbrough. This time the cast is a drug taking artist, a thief and truck driver  and what happens when artist Bobby is discovered by a famous art dealer. Though don’t expect any happy endings in this one either.

It’s extremely well-crafted, the young Milward gives an unexpectedly compassionate view of these otherwise harsh characters.  Perhaps it’s the details of their lives that bridge compassion between the reader and the characters. But beware if you are easily disturbed by grimy sex scenes or other such bodily filth where you don’t want to know all the details. Think Trainspotting, the book.